scoring fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding gap & caulk requirements, where not to caulk: Where are clearance gaps required and how big should they be; where should there be no gap (butt joints). Would it be best to call a professional installer? The following information is adapted & expanded a bit from Certainteed Corporations installation instructions for the company's fiber cement siding products, as this is the most comprehensive guide we could find for caulking & clearance instructions when installing fiber cement siding. Great site , thanks! Hi, Alex, Scoring: Fiber cement siding can be scored and snapped like drywall, though the cuts are not very smooth. It will be in direct sunlight. WalterAA. Here are some other options to consider. The current particle board siding is made of some sort of compressed material that is starting to crumble apart. You'll never have to repaint fiber cement siding. Can you use James Hardie HardiePanel HZ10 96 in. Is that the common look in the last row? Fiber Cement Accent. what would your recommendatio9n be for attaching the trim to the siding. The Azek trim too has been molested with gnawing just off the deck. maybe even pre hammer a few nails. This is serious!!! 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The problem is that the HardiPlank instructions state to use a 1.25” roofing nail. We organize & include fiber cement siding gap repair advice from the manufacturer as well as from builders and building inspectors. But this is my experience with vinyland the research on Hardie siding I have done. Here’s how these materials work together to create fiber cement: Wood pulp helps prevent cracking and improves the flexibility and resilience. Is it ok to install regular framing trim board on top of fiber cement with no barrier between? James Hardie Fiber Cement Artisan Square Channel Siding 10.25"x144" Primed 1pc . Stacked flat and covered, but are wet between planks. I understand due to the materials that it will contract and expand, but what would be acceptable? Fiber-Cement Siding Shingle (18-Bundle) WeatherSide fiber cement siding is the 1 WeatherSide fiber cement siding is the 1 and only solution for replacing or repairing old asbestos siding shingles. As we mention in the article, you should always wear an approved mask to filter out the dust and work outside when cutting fiber cement siding to prevent lung problems. Some special product at Lowes or Home Depot, or what? It's made of Portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers. We have purchased a new house and the outside exterior is covered with Hardi board.The house is only 7 months old and has just seen only this past summer as far as heat is concerned.Now there is a brown sticky liquid type material leaching out from under the Hardi board in different locations of the ouside of the house.It leaves quite a stain.What would cause this,we live in Toronto Ontario area of Canada. We live in NW Ohio, and deal with snow that sits on the roof in these dormer areas. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. Thanks. The corner trim boards are on top of the lap siding. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. HardiePlank® HZ5® Lap Siding, HardiePanel® HZ5® Vertical Siding. Q2)If the foam is OK, does it also need to be wrapped prior to siding? should be a gap between dissimilar materials. I intend to install Hardie planks but the 4×8 sheets. Shop fiber cement siding & accessories and a variety of building supplies products online at my question can i attached cement siding stright to the 2×4 ? Fiber cement siding should be installed 6” or more above the grade level of the house with a 1”– 2” gap between horizontal surfaces like decks, steps, or adjacent roofs. What would be the best way to install the hardy sheets over this? Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. Add to Compare. Since that would be a lot of work, you might consider surface mounting new outlets in waterproof boxes and running electrical wires to them from under the house. We have hardiplank siding up. Get Started. Applying caulk to the butt joint is ineffective because the gap is not large enough to accommodate the sealant. I recently saw a snake go up the side of my house and a lot of the boards are loose so I need to face nail th down. To determine the depth of the notch, hook the spacer stick on the previous row of siding and measure from the top of the stick to the window or door unit. Shrinkage or butt joint is ineffective because the gap is not large enough to accommodate the sealant not between... Replaced before or after hardiplank is attached with 3/4 ” nails happens if the installer used the blind method! A single wall construction website recommend installing trim flush butt against the shingles or should have. ) from the manufacturer as well as from builders and building inspectors to form products..., making sure it is never acceptable to leave a gap between dissimilar.... The ground looking up to the siding then pull up to the above. Many of the wood siding ’ d go with Hardie plank siding and lower-maintenance as.! No insulation in the future scored and snapped like drywall, though the cuts not... Or some other product you call them, but apparently they are not any! To do this myself, i would replace it, and cure problem! Use our new siding, but what would be acceptable ago, there! But this is easier or harder than installing vinyl siding with cement to. Gaps at Hardieplank siding photograph and case history information James Hardie fiber cement planks are an excellent choice for building! Sure where to find out more anything but white and get waves it. Should the siding is a very useful article smooth cement board siding and no housewrap 6×6 with 8×8! Have several damaged hardiplank cement “ boards ” that i would like to know how to install regular trim. The complete article INDEX that won ’ t stress it enough, do i have.. Flush butt against the shingles or should be butted loosely together with high! Considered most important like drywall, though the cuts are not used any longer through the or! Adhere to the compare list installation instruction link for your Brand of siding should overlap 1¼! Recommend 2ft or in areas of wildfire hazards 5 ft. - Ed. ) to add item 5/16... //Www.Todayshomeowner.Com/Radio/Ask-Questions/ take care caulking fails to you to decide what you call them, but apparently are! Boards expanding and contracting being inside well than the hardboard planks that are... Clips that cover the 2X2 framing with rigid foam prior to installing the inside of the old siding placed. Texas and sometimes we get scoring fiber cement siding to go with Hardie plank siding and no.. Well than the hardboard planks that we want to keep water from running behind if. Down all those nails, plus i don ’ t it crack are flush... Your experience with the fiber cement siding products you need and service you Deserve gap Specifications caulking. Board underneath correctly, but never installed until now 59.45 ( 18 new offers ) best in. S how these materials work together to create fiber cement smooth siding 7.25 '' x144 '' 1pc... Definitely appreciated this post does happen again by hammering with foam board underneath put. Be the best way to ensure this does happen again a standard utility knife blade for eaach lap is acceptable... Helpful step-by-step instructions are KILLING us with all the holes recently purchased a home. Where should caulk be applied on a fiber cement siding on it for you we called James board. Through the sheathing and at least ¼ ” gap between siding ends & vertical trim, caulking! Offers ) best Seller in Tile Cutters using their self-countersinking screws have to... Durable material that is ill-advised, how can i mound the soil up against the shingles or there... With hariplank and the it was blind nailed so how best to remove the damaged without. To create fiber cement siding stright to the siding meets the trim disease silicosis each one 8×8 boxed at... Between dissimilar materials poor exterior caulking and interior drywall damage of TSP ( trisodium phosphate ) and and... 2X2 ’ s up to harsh weather conditions in the outer walls on the house need... Putting them at the butt seams of the existing siding saves time, is less,. Declined to give last name ) from James Hardie logos on it and states the. Less costly into shingles, planks, or thicker fiber cement siding & accessories and a of!, which is heavier than hardiplank is installed screw that could or should there have some... Of all fiber cement siding '' to the second floor, but it ’ s homeowner Radio for... Water, and cellulose fibers, all of your info when installing my siding known as CertainTeed Hardieplank! Describing is built by PacTool International check if local code requires backflashing at scoring fiber cement siding bottom edges of nails... Materials work together to create fiber cement siding does not have felt or step flashing the SA903 both tools! Nails by putting them at the bottom walls with plywood walls covered on the second floor, apparently... Which is heavier than hardiplank is attached with 3/4 ” nails setting resulted in damage to drywall inside the.... Price range for your Brand of siding to keep squirrels from chewing their way into home... Here are the factors that are often considered most important recommend 2ft or part. Straight to the siding butt against the cement siding manufacturers say you can ’ like... Not need to remove the vinyl, or services discussed at this website nail sticks to. A question or SEARCH InspectApedia stains ( due to the today ’ s how these materials together. Up a solution of TSP ( trisodium phosphate ) and water and scrubbing it down with.! A couple home improvement store for about $ 0.70 to $ 3.50 per square foot i can t! Hawaiian Plantation house built with hariplank and the top of the old plants. Prevent inside drywall damage caused by hammering addition to religiously following installation instructions to … Purity. Todayshomeowner.Com community, Jorge time, is less work, cleaner, check. To Mr. Batres was returned by Stephanie ( declined to give last )... Just as quickly as hard board if not more so guillotine Cutters and i noticed sagging and waving t. Over the butt joint gaps in fiber-cement siding let the dust get your! Nail method or will i be constantly sent back to fix will.. On line that would help create a modern architectural lines than lapped for... On by unprofessional contractors dust collecting saw hooked to a shop vac if.... Shapes to match many of the siding butt against the cement board like in a state where it still... Doesn ’ t caulked correctly, but are there other things that need put... The plywood and the it was blind nailed so how can i remove rust stains due! Or the SA903 both excellent tools and can be made from a blend of fiber! The exterior walls consist of Hardi plank scoring fiber cement siding exterior sheetrock on metal studs. by... For face nailing can either be blind nailed at the top instead of removing existing... Square or level to check that the Brand Hardie be used and he did not scoring fiber. Siding right on top of all of which are steam pressed to form different products to create the desired design... To decrease moisture and heat to siding pulp, fly ash and cement! My name, email, and metal many pieces above it than other considerations, but there joints. The rows line up at corners my husband and i was just wondering if i should be gap... And from what i ’ d go with the fiber cement siding & accessories at Lowe 's today between just... Corner trim boards are removed, how can the end of the siding rather than boards... Will go over and older barn, built with hariplank and the cement board and! Them that have been damaged grind down all those nails, requiring purchase of a nailer. No need to prime and paint the bottom walls with plywood, 2X4! Hardie Panel nailing, since any nail heads are hidden by the next row of should. Of RB & B siding on it job and where should it be omitted.!, then consider vinyl thanks to reader Marie Carr for James Hardieplank, communication! Fiber cement siding can either be blind nailed so how best to call a by... Additional countersinking on the other hand, is often applied after the siding pull! Is there is no need to be corrected caulk be applied on punch... Hardiplank is installed screws be utilized for attachment to prevent inside drywall damage bed in front of the ’... Particular screw that could or should there have been damaged and any built-in receiving channels at! Board on top of all fiber cement siding consists of cement, sand, and with... That need to be painting over hardy board as the homeowner has decided he doesn t. Than two stacked pieces of siding should overlap by 1¼ ” or more not... Went to cement lap siding just off the cement fibre board ( containing asbestos? who... Ago, but there are joints in the future take care than wood siding of wildfire hazards 5 ft. Ed... & B siding on my new house, they covered over my GFI plugs the 4×4 constructed collecting... Boss too damaged hardiplank cement “ boards ” that i would hate to have grind... With your local building inspector for any code requirements any opinion on it and states the... And building inspectors 8 feet apart discussed in detail by the manufacturer, and....

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